Taking A Dolphin Trip In Mexico

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As we’ve been traveling, I’ve slowly been crossing items off my bucket list. Since coming to Mexico, I’ve seen pyramids, rode a horse on my own, watched the monarch butterfly migration, released baby sea turtles, and even ate bugs! One item I’ve recently checked off my bucket list is taking a dolphin trip. We were lucky to be able to do this recently while in Puerto Escondido. It was truly an unforgettable experience!

Puerto Escondido is a small town located in southern Mexico, along the Pacific coast. Primarily a port town, it has long been a haven for surfers. In fact, Playa Zicatela has one of the best pipeline surf breaks in the world. In recent years, Puerto Escondido has been attracting more travelers than just surfers. Many Europeans (and some Americans and Canadians, too) who come to Puerto Escondido come here seeking the natural beauty and wildlife that can be found in the area.

Taking a dolphin trip in Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Boats at Puerto Angelito beach (January 2019)

Experiencing dolphins in Mexico

Besides the beautiful beaches, Puerto Escondido has an abundance of marine life. It’s a great place to see whales in Mexico, as Puerto Escondido sits along one of the “whale highways” in the Pacific Ocean. It’s right along one of the migration routes for humpback whales and blue whales.

In addition to being a beautiful place for whale watching in Mexico, you can also find dolphin tours in Puerto Escondido. We recently took a dolphin trip with a company called Omar’s Sportfishing, located in Puerto Escondido’s Playa Angelito. It was one of the highlights of our week last week! Riding alongside dolphins swimming in the open ocean was absolutely incredible.

Chilling with Omar! (January 2019)

Where to find dolphin tours in Mexico

Dolphin tours in Mexico abound in Puerto Escondido. Most of the tour companies you find in Puerto Escondido will offer their own version of a dolphin trip or offer opportunities to see whales in Mexico. You can find many companies just walking along the main road on Zicatela Beach, or on the main drag near Carizalillo Beach! Alternatively, you can head to TripAdvisor to read reviews of some of the companies and make your own decision on what company to use.

For our dolphin trip, we chose to go with a company called Omar’s Sportfishing. A friend of ours recommended this company to us. Besides dolphin tours, Omar offers sport fishing excursions for those who are avid anglers. You cna find Omar’s Sportfishing online, or look for his sign at Puerto Angelito beach.

Omar’s Sportfishing prices are a bit on the high side for sport fishing excursions in my opinion, at $400 USD for a half-day trip. But we thought the sea safari prices were fairly reasonable. They are 500 pesos per person for a two hour boat tour. The best way to get in touch with Omar is through his WhatsApp number listed on the his website.

Taking a dolphin trip in Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Seeing dolphins during our dolphin trip (January 2019)

Tips for dolphin and whale watching in Mexico

If you’re planning on seeing whales or dolphins in Mexico with kids, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind before going on a sea safari. First, make sure that your kids understand water safety. This means discussing with them ahead of time what they should do if they fall overboard. We usually advise our kids to try and stay afloat until we can throw them a lifesaver. This is much better than having them attempt to swim to land.

Another tip for dolphin and whale watching in Mexico is to play your excursion in the morning. Most of the marine animals are closer to the shore and the surface in the morning, when the sun and water isn’t so hot. If your kids are late sleepers like ours, make sure you give yourself a lot of time to wake up in the morning. That way you don’t risk missing your tour!

Finally, ALWAYS listen to your captain. Don’t try and do anything that may be considered unsafe. Keep your hands and body in the boat unless instructed otherwise. During a dolphin trip, the dolphins will like to swim up to the boat and swim alongside the boat. You may be tempted to reach out and touch them. But please DO NOT! These dolphins are wild animals, and we need to keep a respectful distance so as not to disturb their habitats or negatively influence their behaviors.

Photo-bombed by a dolphin! (January 2019)

An unforgettable dolphin trip

As a traveler, I naturally have many items on my bucket list. Chalk it up to wanting to see as much of the world as possible! I loved taking the dolphin trip, and am so glad we had a chance to do it recently.

Seeing dolphins in Mexico is an excellent activity for families coming to Puerto Escondido, or any of the beach towns for that matter. We are always so in awe of what nature has to offer. Here in Mexico, it’s easy to find natures beauty, on land AND in the sea!

Have you had a chance to see dolphins or whales in Mexico? Share your whale or dolphin tours experience with me in the comments!

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