Building a Family Legacy Through Worldwide Travel

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It surprises me to think that we are already 18 weeks into our worldwide travel adventure! We just spent an amazing week at the Family Adventure Summit in San Miguel de Allende, and now it has me thinking about the family legacy we are building through our travels.

I had the opportunity to speak at the Family Adventure Summit, and lead a panel discussion on long term travel. The session itself focused mainly on coping strategies for adjusting to life on the road, and I had invited other traveling parents to share their experiences of long term travel with kids. It was good to be able to see that we are not alone in this nomadic family journey. Other families are doing it too, and we’ve been able to create a community through this experience.

Standing with my panelists at the Family Adventure Summit (November 2018)

The virtues of worldwide travel

One of the things I love about this worldwide travel lifestyle is the ability to connect with other traveling families. Since arriving in San Miguel de Allende last week, we have been going non-stop, meeting up with other families who travel with kids, just like us. At the conference, we met so many families who value travel as much as we do. I’ve mentioned this before, but it truly felt like we were with our tribe.

As we’ve explored San Miguel in the days after the conference, I am in awe of how quaint, yet exciting this town is. We had a chance to see how Mexicans honor their past loved ones on Day of the Dead. We bought flower crowns at the market, and strolled through the main town square. And we’ve been having so much fun practicing our Spanish at restaurants and stores. This experience has been something new and unique every day.

Really, that’s the actual virtue of worldwide travel – the opportunity to experience something new on a daily basis. Our children are great sports, and have been so open to whatever new thing we throw their way. I’m so proud of how mature they have been through this whole adventure.

Wearing my flower crown for Day of the Dead (November 2018)

Thinking about my family legacy

One of the keynote speeches at the Family Adventure Summit focused a lot on building a family legacy. It really got me thinking about my own family legacy. What types of values am I passing on to my kids as we continue on our travel journey?

I grew up in a family that valued travel. As a family, we traveled through Europe, Asia, and North America. But it was a different type of travel than the one my own family is doing now. Like the typical American family, our family’s interpretation of travel with kids was taking short trips during school breaks or work vacations. We never even considered doing something like what I’m currently doing with my own kids.

I’m actually quite thankful for the exposure to travel that my parents gave me, even at a very young age. Those travel experiences really made an impact on who I am as a person. As I think about the type of family legacy I want to create for my own kids, along with their kids and grandkids, I know that I want travel to play an important role in that legacy.

Walking through the streets of San Miguel de Allende (November 2018)

Making travel with kids part of my legacy

Travel doesn’t have to be this elusive, exotic thing. In my opinion, it’s more about shifting your mindset to be open to having new experiences every day. You don’t have to do worldwide travel to bring travel into your life. And when it comes to travel with kids, it can be as simple as taking a road trip to another city. It doesn’t have to be this big, epic, worldwide travel adventure.

I hope the one thing my kids take away from this whole experience is an appreciation for travel, and being open to what the world has to offer. I want travel to be a conduit for my kids to grow up into socially minded and globally conscious adults. My aspiration is that they have a constant interest in the world around them, something that is complemented by travel.

Ultimately, our family legacy is the outcome of how we choose to live our lives. In my life, travel with kids has always been an important value, something I inherited from my parent. I hope that the love for travel is something that my own kids will pass on to their kids.

What kind of legacy are you trying to build with your family? Share them with me in the comments!

Building a family legacy through worldwide travel | The Wandering Daughter

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4 Responses

  1. Astrid I loved this… so good to see you in SMdA… thanks so much for the really great panel you lead… and I’m so glad that some of what I talked about around legacy got you thinking. I loved reading your thoughts about how travel is becoming part of your legacy and how you hope that will impact your kids… keep going… you guys are doing an amazing job! And of course we’re looking forward to seeing you next fall in Bali!! <3

    1. Thanks Jenn! Your family was one of our inspirations for going on our adventure. Thanks for your getting us to think more deeply about our travels.

  2. I also found the legacy talk inspiring and will be exploring our family legacy over what I expect will be several lengthy evening chats. What I do know is that our legacy will be different that the ones that we grew up with. We are intentionally creating a life that will nurture good humans and give our souls room to breathe. Getting specific about what this means and what our family story is will, hopefully, emerge from thinking more about our legacy. Thanks!

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