Why We Should All Travel More

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Can I make a confession? I used to be scared of going to Mexico. When I was young, my youthful mind was greatly influenced by the negative portrayals of Mexico in the media and movies. It wasn’t until I began to travel more that I actively decided to combat my preconceived notions about Mexico.

These days, I’m a much more adventurous traveler. I still have my hang ups about places, but now I actively try to question why I have those particular hang ups. Are these preconceived ideas based on experience, or influenced by what others tell me?

As I aim to move more into a mode of mindful living, I’m actively combating the influence that society has placed on me regarding the world around us. Travel allows us to learn more about the world, and helps us understand the role we play in it.

Day of the Dead sculpture in Mexico City that you will find when you travel more
Day of the Dead sculpture in Mexico City (October 2018)

Learning while traveling

When we travel more, we start to break down the stereotypes that we build up about different places and different people. Our traveling experience helps us understand that the world isn’t as big and scary as we think it is.

One of the biggest lessons I am learning while traveling is that travel is a humbling experience. When we travel more, and try to navigate through a culture that is unfamiliar to us, we realize that there is so much that we don’t know.

We fumble through the travel experience like little kids, and hope for the best. This can be scary for some people, but ultimately, I think it makes us better people. We need to be reminded that we’re not all knowing.

Learning about Mayan civilization in Mexico City (October 2018)

Mindful living through travel

Another important skill I’ve learned from my traveling experience is the art of mindful living. When we travel more, we actively choose to be in the present. We cherish each travel moment we experience, because we know that we may not have that same exact moment again.

In the days leading up to our Mexico departure, we were so busy with wrapping up the final details of our trip: selling our car, paring down our possessions one last time, and taking care of last minute bills and accounts. It was so hectic, practicing mindful living was far from our minds!

But as we spent our first two days in Mexico, I was reminded how important it is to be in the moment. It’s been fun to see Mexico City decorated for the upcoming Day of the Dead celebration. Walking through the streets of Mexico City, we’ve stumbled across Aztec dancers in their beautiful regalia.

Aztec dancer in Mexico City to see when you travel more
Aztec dancers at a cathedral in Mexico City (October 2018)

Making the most of your traveling experience

In the end, it’s all about making the most of our traveling experience. It’s about using the lessons we gain from our travels to shape who we are as people. That’s really why we should travel more.

It’s amazing to see all the things my kids are learning while traveling. Some of them are subtle things, like how to stay safe in a new environment. And some of them are big things, like understanding that some kids in this world have a lot less than other kids.

Our traveling experience is teaching our kids a lot about how to be global citizens. As we travel more on this trip, we will undoubtedly have more opportunities to reinforce this lesson.

Saying good-bye to the United States (October 2018)

Making a commitment to travel more

One thing that I like to say to families is that it’s not that hard to travel more. Travel doesn’t have to be an epic around the world trip like the one we’re having. Instead, it can be a simple road trip to a neighboring city.

Travel, at its core, is about stepping out of your comfort zone to experience something new and different from what you’re used to. It’s the lessons we are learning from traveling that make travel so valuable.

We should all make a commitment to travel more, in whatever capacity that means for us. By doing this, we can start to understand that the world is not as scary as we think.

Have you made a commitment to travel more with your family? What adventures do you have in store? Share them with me in the comments!

Why We Should All Travel More | The Wandering Daughter


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