Journeying Into American History Family Travel

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The view from atop Bunker Hill was incredible. Our American history family travel journey had taken us to this important spot in our country’s history. I could just imagine what it must have felt like for the Patriot soldiers many years ago. This was where the Patriots fought for independence against the British.

There are so many historical cities here on the East Coast, dating back to the 1600’s. We’ve enjoyed the American history family travel aspect of this trip. We are learning so much about our country, as we’ve been traveling and worldschooling with our kids.

A view of Boston during American history family travel
The view of Boston from Bunker Hill monument (September 2018)

After leaving Philadelphia, we headed to Boston, Massachusetts. While in Boston, we visited the city of Salem and walked the Freedom Trail around downtown Boston. After a few days in Boston, we backtracked to Newport, Rhode Island before heading to New York City, New York.

What we can learn from American history family travel

In all of these cities, we’ve incorporated American history family travel into our explorations. It was a good chance to supplement our kids’ worldschooling curriculum. Most important, it was good for them to learn about the lessons of our country’s past.

Walking along the Freedom Trail (September 2018)

In Salem, the kids learned how fear can lead a community to do unspeakable harm to their own. The Salem witch trials turned neighbors against neighbors and spouses against each other. The community targeted those who were different or who spoke out against the group mentality. We can see parallels even in today’s society.

An inscribed stone at the Salem Witch Trials Memorial (September 2018)

In Boston, our American history family travel journey took us back in time to the American Revolution. At Faneuil Market, we saw a printing press demonstration, and the kids learned how important documents like the Declaration of Independence were printed for distribution during the time of the Revolution.

Learning about the printing press during American history family travel
Watching a printing press in action (September 2018)

While in Newport, Rhode Island, the kids caught a glimpse of what life was like for the wealthy in the 1800’s. Touring The Breakers, a summer mansion owned by the famous Vanderbilt family, showed us how frivolous and extravagant the Victorian era was for the extremely rich.

Taking an audio tour at The Breakers (September 2018)

And in New York City, we satisfied our “Hamilton” obsession by visiting Hamilton Grange in Harlem. This was the home of Alexander Hamilton in the few years preceding his death, and our kids were excited to see a glimpse of what his life was really like.

Hamilton Grange in New York City (September 2018)

Bringing worldschooling to life through travel

These American history family travel experiences have truly been so unique and memorable. I know the kids won’t remember every single detail of what they’ve seen this week, and in the three months that we’ve been on the road, but I’m convinced that we have been planting some kernels of historical knowledge into their brains.

What kinds of American history family travel have you done with you kids? What were your favorite historical places?

Journeying Into American History Family Travel

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