Experiencing Unique Family Travel Accommodations

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We’re always down for staying in unique family travel accommodations. Some of the most unique places we’ve stayed in during our travels have been a church in Paraguay, a treehouse style guest house in Sumatra, and even a converted garage in Portland.

This week was no exception. For four nights, we got to stay in one of the more unique family travel accommodations we’ve stayed at thus far: a tiny house.

Hanging out in bed in the tiny house (August 2018)

Seeking out unique family travel accommodations on the road

It’s always been a dream of ours to stay in a tiny house. The first time we heard about tiny house living was probably around six years ago. I think my husband and I were enamored by the idea of living minimally and making as small a footprint as possible.

When it comes to unique family travel accommodations, a tiny house certainly takes the cake. This one had a composting toilet, fresh water tanks for drinking, and was hooked up to solar panels. We theoretically could have gone “off the grid” if we wanted to. The tiny house was also equipped with three beds, a TV, a shower, and a washer/dryer!

A kitchen in a tiny house, an example of unique family travel accommodations
The kitchen in our tiny house (photo courtesy of Clint Bush, August 2018)

Fantasy versus reality

In theory, tiny house living sounds like an adventure. But in reality, we found out it was a lot harder than we could have imagined. For one thing, there was just too little space. Can you imagine four people in a space no bigger than a parking space? We were literally on top of each other.

The other reality jolt was that while we did have some pretty good amenities – a shower, a toilet, a sink, and even a washer/dryer – there were certain things about those amenities that we needed to get used to. The shower was SMALL, the composting toilet required special attention for where the urine and the poop would go, the sink emptied into the shower, and the washer/dryer didn’t quite clean our clothes as well as we would have liked.

Morning snuggles in our KOA camp site (August 2018)

Dealing with the quirks

But that’s the thing when you’re staying at unique family travel accommodations. Unlike a hotel, you never really know what you’re going to get. In most cases, it’s a fun experience, but sometimes there are some quirks that you’ll need to deal with.

Throughout our trip, we hope to continue to stay at more unique family travel accommodations. After our tiny house adventure, we headed to Estes Park and stayed at a KOA campground. It was a first for us! In a few weeks, we hope to try out Hipcamp, an Airbnb type of service for camping. And while we’re traveling around the world, we also hope to do more house sitting gigs.

This is all part of the life of a traveling family. Our biggest tip for other families looking to stay at their own unique family travel accommodations is to be open to the experience. You’ll never know what gems you’ll find.

Unique family travel accommodations

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