Hitting the Road! Prepping for an Around the World Adventure

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We have a big announcement for you all: we’re hitting the road! After months and months of preparation, we will soon be heading out on our big around the world adventure, spending the next three years traveling long term as a family.

The dream of around the world travel

This has been a long time coming. When I was a student in college, a friend of mine gave me the book, World Stompers by Brad Olsen (which is still surprisingly available on Amazon), and the idea of traveling around the world full time was planted into my head. I immediately began drawing up schemes of how I would backpack around the world, crashing at hostels and living off of street food.

But life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan. I graduated college, I went into the Peace Corps, I returned to the US, and eventually met the love of my life.

Since getting married, we have had two beautiful children together, raised a handsome grown-up son, launched our careers, lived on both coasts of the United States, traveled around three continents, and bought a house together. As the years passed, I had resigned to think that the dream of traveling around the world would remain just a dream.

Meeting other families who are passionate about travel

And then something serendipitous happened. We found ourselves at the Family Adventure Summit in Penticton, BC, surrounded by families who were as passionate about travel as we were. And some of them were even traveling full-time!

These families were working remotely and world schooling their kids. They were traveling from place to place, country to country. After several conversations with other families at the conference, my husband and I had an epiphany. Our dream of traveling full-time was actually possible!

Putting a plan into action

When we returned to Seattle, we immediately put a plan into action. We set a launch date of the end of June or July 2018. Being the project management-minded folks that we are, we used a combination of Google Sheets and online project management applications to organize all the tasks that we needed to complete to get ourselves ready for what our family calls, “The Big Trip.”

The tasks are many. There are the usual tasks of planning for the actual trip: researching destinations, finding plane tickets, researching visa requirements, deciding what to take with us, and purchasing travel insurance. And there are also tasks associated with moving a family.

We need to think about what we’ll do with our house and where we will store our things. We also need to think about how we will educate the kids, how we’ll finalize our will, and what we’re going to do with our car.

Sharing our stories from the road

On top of all of that, I will be quitting my full-time job and jumping into scaling up my business. I have several ideas percolating for The Wandering Daughter, including publishing an eBook, writing a travel memoir, and engaging in more freelance writing. I can’t wait to start sharing our stories from the road!

A lot has happened in the last eight months, and a lot still needs to happen before we officially leave Seattle at the end of July. But the biggest thing is that we are realizing that an around the world trip is indeed possible!

You don’t need to be independently wealthy, and you don’t need to have amassed a huge amount of savings to do it, you just need to be open-minded about how you can earn money while you’re on the road.

Saying good-bye to our city

If you’re interested in following along on our around the world adventure, keep reading my stories! I plan to periodically post travel stories from the road, along with my usual family travel content. In addition, my bi-monthly newsletter will also have updates of our travels. Be sure to sign up!

For our Seattle (and our US) friends and family, we will miss you dearly. This city has been our home for the last seven years. It has enriched our lives in so many ways. This is not a permanent good-bye. We will always come back to you! And to the friends that we will meet as we make our way around the world, get ready, because we’re so excited to get to know you!

Prepping for an around the world adventure

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22 Responses

  1. Have so much fun on your trip!! What a HUGE and exciting step! I’ll be following along – when Berty and I have children someday this is definitely something we want to do as well!

    1. Thanks Emily. You should absolutely do it when you guys have kids! Some families start a little earlier, even, when the kids haven’t started school, but it’s really up to each family’s preference.

  2. This is awesome!! Similar to a long-term goal I have. It’s nice to know you can make a plan for a big extended trip like this and really make it happen. I look forward to following along on your adventure 🙂

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. We’re hoping that we’ve planning well for this trip. It’s so much more complicated with kids in tow.

    1. Thanks Leslie. We even had our hesitations at first, but after meeting so many families who have done this before, we feel a lot more confident.

    1. Thanks Meghan. We plan to do a lot of writing about the things we experience on the road, so be sure to check back periodically.

  3. I always knew you guys were cool, but you are now officially the coolest people I know. Congratulations on taking a big leap!

    1. Thanks Gavin! It was so great to see you this past weekend. We will definitely miss Seattle and our friends and family, but really excited for the adventure.

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